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Stand out from the competition

More businesses are discovering the benefits of virtual tours. Leap ahead with the next generation of animated interactive technology from Imagehouse Studios.

Speak directly to your visitors

With our live animation feature, now YOU can personally welcome your visitors, or provide information about a service or product, based upon their interaction.

Google Street View integration

360° panoramas created for a virtual tour can also be accessed directly via Google Street View and be added to your Google 'My Business' page, encouraging people to click-through before even visiting your website.

Easy website integration

Integration can be as simple as a web link, or a line of code to insert into any web page. No downloads or special Apps are required to view a Virtual Tour, just a standard web browser.

Explore this animated interactive virtual tour

This is an example of how a single 360° panorama can provide a rich interactive experience for a small business and provide a web visitor with all the information they would normally find on a static web page.
An animated interactive virtual tour could even entirely replace a traditional basic template website and offer a far more engaging and personalised experience.
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Limited only by the imagination....

Our animated interactive virtual tours build upon the Google Business View experience and can be designed to fit within the budget of all businesses, regardless of size.
It's easy to imagine how companies of all types can benefit from this technology. Estate agents, high street shops, garages, restaurants, hotels, salons, the list is endless.

If you can imagine the application, we can build it!
The applications go far beyond the obvious. For example, manufacturing companies could perhaps allow visitors to explore their production area and get a real feel of how a product is made, encouraging brand loyalty.

A tour around a distillery or wine cellar could provide interactive education to visitors and then allow purchases to be made simply by clicking on a product, with direct links into an e-commerce system.
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A Guide to Virtual Tours

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How Google Business view will help your business

Google Maps Business View Lets Customers see Inside

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