White Background & Cut Out Photography

Twining Infuse Splash Photography

Not all whites are really right (or white)!

Tongue twisters aside, whether it's a creative shot or a descriptive catalogue image, the simple clean presentation of a product on a white background can disguise the often quite  complex lighting set-up required to show the product at its best.  Translucency and subtle texture must be preserved and glossy pure white consumer goods must maintain their bright allure against a competing and often equally pure white background. Curved surfaces must present themselves as such, with clean gradients and without producing distracting, unwanted reflections. There is much that goes into a seemingly simple image! Different materials with varying surface characteristics  all demand specific methods of lighting to appear in the most flattering way. At Imagehouse, we have a deep understanding of how to control light in a very precise manner, to achieve the highest quality images. Fundamentally, if photographed correctly, an image should be 99.9% finished when it exits the camera. Our post-production process ensures that backgrounds and surfaces are spotless and any product imperfections are removed. Depending on your requirements,  drop-shadows and cut-out paths can be generated during the post-production process.
Imagehouse Studios Photography Twinings nfuse teabag on White

Pricing guidelines

Our prices for white background photography are extremely competitive.  Because of the wide variety of product types we are asked to photograph and how this might affect the time it takes to produce each shot, we'll construct a personalised quotation for you.  There is a low set-up charge / minimum order fee of £75. Products can either be delivered by hand or courier to the studio, or if you're close by, we can provide free transportation within a ten mile radius. 
Imagehouse Studios photography Twinings Infuse group on white
Imagehouse Studios product photography of Fibar Smoke sensor on white background

360° Product Spins

Spin animations allow you to display your product from all angles. Interactive hotspots can be added to provide viewers with information about particular product features.  Website integration is very straightforward and we provide you with options to either host the images yourself, or we can provide a hosting service leaving you to simply incorporate a single line of code within your website. 

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